Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Just Joshua

Tiny Toes
Chillin' in Mama's lap
Play time!

So cozy!

Sleepy Drunk


Anonymous said...

What precious photos of your sweet baby Joshua.

Shannon Egan

Carrie Flynn said...

He is looking so good! Better everyday.

Michelle said...

so cute! thanks for sharing your little guy with all of us. :-)

i've been thinking a lot about what you wrote a few posts back, the whole guilt thing. sometimes, with all my medical issues, my parents & i wonder what God's will is. do you explore every treatment option, or do you let Him work?

here's the best way i've been able to look at it. it's a popular story used as an analogy, but it's really helpful for me.

there's a hurricane coming. everyone is warned to evacuate, but this Christian guy says, "God will save me." he stays in his house.
so the hurricane comes. the last family out has a great big truck with room for one more. they offer him a ride. "no thanks, God will save me."
as the waters rise, the situation becomes more serious. a guy is paddling down the street in a boat, and he's got room for one more. he offers the guy a ride to higher ground. "no thanks, God will save me."
finally, a Coast Guard helicopter comes, and they spot the guy sitting on his roof. "we're your last chance! we're coming down to get you!" "no thanks, God will save me." they repeat that he will die if he stays, but he decides to sit there & trust in the Lord.

the guy dies.

when he gets to Heaven, he says to God, "i trusted you to save me. why didn't you?"

and God said to him, "i sent you a truck, a boat, and a helicopter."

the point of the story is that God sometimes works through earthly provisions that are divinely sent.

one possibility is that God never intended for Joshua to live anything less than a long, full life, but He wanted to provide for that in this way in order to draw others to Himself.

another possibility (although of course i'm praying this isn't the case & i truly don't believe it is!) is that God never intended Joshua to live at all, but He has given you the option of seeking treatment so that if He takes him Home, you KNOW you did everything possible for him, and you'll never have to live with the guilt of "what if" in regards to his care.

God's plan is NEVER dependent upon us. NO MATTER WHAT CHOICE YOU MAKE, THE OUTCOME WILL BE THE SAME. it's already been determined! the only thing that will vary is the route taken to get there & the amount of glory you allow God to receive in the process. you can choose no treatment, and if God wants Joshua to live, HE WILL LIVE. if God wants Joshua Home, he'll go Home even if you authorize every treatment known to man.

i remember hearing in a video that Angie Smith did that to God, there's no such thing as "plan B." it might be OUR plan B, but God's plan is always the one that will happen. there was NEVER a situation where Joshua was going to be born with any different heart than the one he has. in your mind, this might be Plan B & not the healthy child you were imagining when you learned you were pregnant... but to God, Joshua was always going to have this particular heart. and that means He has ALWAYS known what's happening, and that He has ALWAYS had it under control. He could've formed Joshua's heart differently, but He didn't, and there's a reason. and like i said, no matter what course of action you took, no matter WHY you took a particular course or what your motivations were/are, God's still got it covered.

and if you ask me, that's a pretty good place to be.

praying for you...

- michelle

Carolina Carters said...

Joshua is absolutely precious!

Christine said...

Precious is the first word I thought... apparently everyone else agrees... so Joshua defines precious! He's so adorable.

Anonymous said...

He is looking so good, I love that second picture. Those eyes just grab you, just so sweet.

Mike O.

Veronica said...

He is adorable with that angelic look!

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