Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Joshua Update Again!

Dr. B, our neonatologist, just came in. We have a new game plan! (I was teasing him that he secretly is hiding from me because I keep harassing him! ha!)

The results came back from the upper GI that Joshua had this morning. Everything looks perfectly normal except he has some reflux, which is to be expected. The reflux has caused him some inflamation so they are going to start him on some reflux medication. Hopefully that will help with some of the wretched puking.

He also talked to cardiology and they cleared Joshua for a G-tube. Now we are just waiting to be scheduled. Dr. B is working on getting us scheduled as we speak. I am anticipating that we will get the g-tube sometime later this week (like Friday-ish) or early to middle of next week. We will hopefully be going home sometime the week of the 27th. (assuming there are no major complications with the g-tube surgery and recovery.)

In other news, Joshua and I were asked to do a photoshoot tomorrow morning for St. Vincent's website. (although I'm not even sure for what webpage!!!) I'm not sure of the details except for the fact that I have to be here by 7:30am and I have to wear solid colors. I guess that means I have to actually get up and take some time doing my hair and picking out what I will wear. They probably have gotten tired of looking at me looking like a hot mess all the time and thought that this would actually make me do something with myself for once! haha!

And finally, I just 2 short days, my precious baby boy will be 1 month old. Amazing huh?!


David and Michele's Baby Blog said...

Great news Jill! I think reflux seems to go along with the heart baby. Maxson had it horribly and is still on meds for his. It's hard to believe Joshua is a month old! In no time you will have him home with you. Can't wait to meet you and chat. Thanks for your prayers and well wishes for Maxson!

Anonymous said...

ahhh the dreaded reflux. Hopefully the meds will take care of that problem and you will not hear the word "fundoplication" Prayers are being sent that Joshua's meds will handle the problem in time.

Congratulations on the photo shoot!

Shannon Egan

Stefenie said...

That's great! I am sure you will look amazing with that precious boy in your arms for your photo shoot.

Glad they are going to get him on some meds to help. Reflux is the worst. We are still dealing with it although we haven't had to deal with the vomiting part as much anymore. Hope it helps the little guy out!!

BlessedMommy said...

Jill, I just wanted you to know that I'm still here and keeping up with Joshua! Things have been busy since Mason's birth, but I always look forward to reading your posts!

I will continue to pray for Joshua!

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