Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Good Morning Mama!

It is a good morning when you walk into the room and see that he's been extubated!

It's also a good morning when you see that your nurse is your favorite nurse!

However, he's still satting in the 90's. The surgery yesterday was supposed to lower that.
The doctor is going to get him off the Milrinone and hopefully that will lower his sats.

I'm praising God for His goodness and provision, but begging Him to get those sats lowered.
 I really don't want to keep cutting my baby open.


lmpd0617 said...

Beautiful pictures...I'm sure there was no better sight for you this morning Jill. I'll keep praying for lower sats for Joshie.

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful little boy. I will pray for the sats to lower.
Shannan Davis
proud mommy to Jamie (PA/IVS)

Amber said...

He's so handsome! Praying for this little guy.

The Hoitsma's said...

Wow he has a lot less tubes and wires sticking out of him. Good job Joshua! Keep up the hard work, little guy!

The mom of 4 monkeys! said...

Yay! Can you explain why lower stats are important? I'm not a heart mom so that idea seems to go against everything I know, just really curious. Thanks

EvaEspinoza said...

We continue to pray, I was just telling my husband that I can hardly remember those long lonely days in the hospital. Praise God for that!! You will get there.

Stefenie said...

YAY!!! It is great to see him vent free and awake. Praying that those sats come down a bit.

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