Thursday, September 9, 2010

G-Tube decision

I will explain our G-tube decision better tomorrow. I've had a lot of emails/messages/comments in regards to what changed so quickly about my decision to breastfeed/bottle feed and now the G-tube.

It was not really a quick change, but I don't think I fully explained it here. I'll explain more tomorrow. For now, I need to go to bed.


The Cox Family said...

I too was curious about that. Get some rest. It sounds like the last couple of days have been stressful. Hope you are feeling better too! :)

Mary E. said...

I say you have to do what is right for Joshua. If the NG and oral feeds are too much for him, then a G Tube might be the perfect remedy. I know lots of mommas whose babies have thrived after G Tubes were placed. You are all in my prayers.

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