Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Another Boring Update (Thankfully!)

We had another day of just waiting around. Joshua's blood pressure is doing great (He's completely off one bp medication). His O2 is great (hanging out right at around 78-81% which is good for a post Norwood HLHS baby.). His heart rate is right around 150 bpm. All perfect!

 He is also being weaned off of his vent. The vent is currently set at 26 (it's hard to explain) but Joshua is breathing at 53. He is doing half of the work himself basically. If his blood gasses come back good (which they have been perfect all day) they will drop the vent down to 20. After he gets below 20 they will turn it off and make sure he can breathe on his own, and then the vent can come out! I'm hoping tomorrow this will happen!

He's also been peeing, but not a ton. Just enough to keep the nurses happy, but not enough to make me happy. He's still a bit swollen in the man part area as well as his feet.

He's moving around a lot, awake for long periods of time, and is just sweet as can be.

Continue to pray that he makes improvements throughout the night and tomorrow. We are so proud of our little fighter and amazed at his strength.

Thank you so much for your continued prayers and support. We firmly believe that Joshua would not be doing as well without all of your love.


Anonymous said...

This may sound strange, but I love reading your posts! Technology is such a wonderful thing so I know exactally how you and Joshua are doing, I do not have to worry about you both. Just pray! I know what it is like to watch a child and NEVER leave their do what I did. Send your hubby! I think it is for peace of mind not being "one of those moms". Sending you bunches of love!! Stacy

Molly Alisa Photography said...

I love the boring updates. ;)

Sleep well tonight! so happy to hear about him moving around and being alert. Has to do a mommy's heart good.

Cindy Gibson said...

Wanted to check and see how you and Joshua were doing. I'm so happy to see about him moving around and being more alert. Great news on his bp and I will pray for his continued strength to come off the vent. Joshua come on and pee baby. You are a true fighter! Keep moving in the right direction!
I also wanted to let you know about a support group called Congenital Heart Defects Families Association. They are based in Kansas City, MO but they have an online support group and I know that there are families from other areas as well. Their site is Just something for you to check into later if you'd like. Praying for all of you, Cindy Gibson

Amy Bennett said...

Love the boring updates! Praying you continue to see progress. As for the swelling in the "man parts" I think that's usually where they like to hold onto it the longest (something about being male, I suppose - they're very territorial LOL). Bodie was always the same way - took the longest to diurese him there as well...

Hope's Blog said...

Praying for continued progress...and we heart moms always know to pray for more pee.

Anonymous said...

Boring is good! Praying for pee - I certainly know how crucial that is. I am thankful for Joshua's continued progress and hope you can get him extubated soon. Baby steps, day by day, and soon you'll be home :)


mom2lo said...

So happy to hear Joshua is continuing to do well! It's so wonderful once they start to come around after surgery... it'll be much better once his vent is out and you can see that crazy-handsome face! My thoughts and prayers continue to be with all of you through your journey. So grateful for your updates so we always know how to specifically pray (also get a good laugh out of some of your Facebook updates... LOL!).

God bless you all!

Michael Bowman-King said...

What a great update! We pray everyday and will continue to do so always! You all are amazing!

kirsten michelle said...

A beautiful update!! Thank you, and we will keep praying for his improvement!!

SteveC said...

Yay for Joshua!

Hope you two are doing well.... a boring day works wonders, never want too much excitement!

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