Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Adventures in Parenting.

Shane is still working on getting some of the remodeling done in our house. He needed to go to Lowes last night for a few things, so we packed up the kids and went.

I had a horrible headache, but decided getting out of the house would do me some good. HAHAHHA!

I don't know why we EVER think it's a good idea to go to a store like that with the kids! Without fail one of the following happens:

1. We lose one of them. They run off and try to hide from us.
2. One of them has to either go potty (even when we make them empty out before we go!) or poops their diaper. WITH.OUT.FAIL!
3.We don't have clean diapers with us because we just changed them before we left! why would we need clean diapers? (you would think we would have learned this lesson by now.)
4. They crawl around on the floor/carts/shelves/racks or they lock themselves in the dryers and refridgerators.
5. Something ends up being pulled off the shelves.
6. Someone ends up being drug across the floor because they refuse to sit in the cart or hold our hands.
7. A fit of a lifetime is thrown.

Last night they sucked the slightest amount of energy that I had right from me. I should have gotten a wheelchair while we were there, but decided against it becuase I figured one of 2 things would happen. 1. I would run one of them over, or 2. I would have 2 children on my lap fighting about who gets to drive the dumb thing!

Will going to a store ever be a non adventurous feat?! Whew!


Carla Sue said...

Well, you know, there is this cool family that lives like a block away from Lowe's that you could come visit while Shane goes to the store. :) Then, you could sit and the kids could play and all would be well. :P

Tiffany said...

Oh gosh. This is why I avoid the grocery store except once a week (and hey, Safeway DELIVERS! What more could a girl ask for?). Big hugs, sweetheart. I can't even imagine being semi-bedridden and exerting every ounce of energy dealing with that. *Sigh*

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