Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Introducing....(unofficially of course)

Joshua Lewis Haskins

Unofficially (because it is still so early) Squirmy is a boy!
Was I right, or was I right?!
How does a heart love as much as mine does right now? 
Tears anyone?! :o)

In other news, baby is strong and healthy. 
There hasn't been much growth since Friday, 
which causes a bit of concern for me personally, 
but I will talk with the doctor later this morning to figure out if she is concerned or not. 
Hemorrhage is still big, not sure if it's larger. 
My appointment is at 10:45 this morning.

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Carla Sue said...

God is Good. Even to have an additional week with Joshua is awesome! To see him again via ultrasound and to find out (unofficially, of course) that he is a he is amazing! You have so many prayers for you and this baby being lifted up. You are constantly on my mind. I love you. Love Shane and Caleb and Hanna and Squirmy! Let us know how the 10:45 appt. goes.

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